Episode 2

A Terrible Introduction

Episode Recap

The newest members of the Falconiers Brigade; Balvenie, Rolen, and Spark, set off with a caravan traveling from Cleeve to Chepstow. Several days passed on the uneventful journey. On the third day, Tahotra mercenaries suddenly rushed the caravan. The militant wing of the Mandrata Cartel, the largest organized criminal syndicate in the region, the Tahotra had become a source of fear throughout the region. The Fanjakana Empire knights quickly fell to the might of the raiding mercenaries and the rest of the travelers were rounded up. Ruby Reid, the leader of Tahotra, approached the caravan with several of his generals. Dismounting, Ruby delivered a monotonous speech about the greatness of Tahotra.

During the commotion, Vigo the Butch appeared from a wagon cart filled with hay, inebriated. After stumbling from the cart, causing several crates and barrels to tumble to the ground, Vigo chose to defy the orders of the Tahotra men and refused to relinquish his weapons. Frustrated, but not deterred, a Tahotra Commander stepped forward and striked Vigo, starting a brawl that left both Tahotra and many innocent by-standers dead, most of the deaths a result of a thunderous explosion triggered by Spark Steamwarden. However, as quickly as one Tahotra mercenary fell another quickly took his place.

Unbeknownst to the Falconiers Brigade, a changling named Jiàntóu, who had also participated in the arena challenge, had been working to infiltrate Tahotra. Unfortunately for Jiàntóu, he is targeted by several of the Falconiers as one of the Tahotra mercenaries and is nearly killed in the fight. Before anymore Tahotra or the Falconiers are killed, one of the high ranking Tahotra militants rode forward and used a magical weapon to bring silence to the battlefield, preventing the casting of any more spells which had caused much of the destruction.

Despite a final attempt by Spark to hurl bits of rock and wood at Ruby Reid, the Falconiers finally surrended their weapons and were pushed into a cage on the back of a wagon. They were taken to a Tahotra camp and watched fate they would have faced as the strongest of the caravan travelers were being forced to attack each other with roughhewn clubs. Jiàntóu, still unknown to be working against the Tahotra, was also taken to the camp for medical attention.

Shortly after arriving at the Tahotra camp the news of the death of the ailing leader of Mandrata is brought by messenger. Announcing the news to the camp, Ruby Reid then leads the majority of the Tahotra mercenaries to Turbury to pay their respects to their fallen leader, Wilhelm Walker. After the camp cleared, Jiàntóu used his roguish abilities to break the other Falconiers out of the prison. They quickly retrieved their weapons and overpowered the remaining guards in the center of the camp.

Episode Stats

  • Party Experience Earned
  • Enemies Slain
  • Gold Collected by the Party