Episode 3

Of Holograms and Fire

Episode Recap

After killing the guards at the center of camp, Balvenie, Rolen, Rade, and Spark made their way to the southern end of the Tohotra camp. There they found 25 captives locked in cages. Balvenie suggested the party detonate the cages because the captives look a tad too common. As the Falconiers discussed whether to lead the captives to safety or let them roam the countryside without protection, they heard a man exclaim, "Rectum? Darn near KILLED em!"

Two Tohotra guards entered what one captive described as the camp's headquarters. Approaching the headquarters quietly, Rolen hide in the shrubs by the front door. Balvenie and Spark set an ambush at the western wall. Sparked uses his "anti-gravity boots", of his own invention, to walk up the wall and peer in the window. Inside, Spark saw one man leaning against the mantle of what appeared to be a conference room. There were also three men standing over a conference room table. Spark overheard one of the men yell, "Of COURSE I can read it, you idiot! Bring me that candle. That's a Black Claw Mage seal!"

Rolen and Balvenie devised a plan to dispose of the four remaining Tohotra. Rolen cast a minor illusion as Balvenie cast Thaumaturgy The four men turn to see a figure in black shout in a voice that echoed within the room "LEAVE THIS PLACE AND NEVER RETURN OR FACE THE WRATH OF THE DARK MAGES!"

Rade elbowed Balvenie and whispers, "BLACK CLAW Mages, genius!" as the the men in the conference room laugh "Dark mages? You guys are the worst!"

Balvenie, as he was known to do, lost his patience and fired a crossbow through the window. The four men hid and then drew their weapons as they ran for the door. Rolen and Balvenie attempt their stunt a second time as Rolen cast an image of Ruby Reid in front of the door. The men stopped and bowed at the vision of their commander. Balvenie orders the men to sit down but Rolen's control over the image's mouth makes it look like a ventriloquist dummy.

Sue the Berserker yelled, "That's it!" and threw his spear through the image and out the door. As the men sprinted through the door, Rolen crouched just outside and tripped three of the four Tohotra into a booby trap pit hidden under a mat. At the same time Spark fired the Lispmaker, another invention of his own design, from the roof, Rade, Rolen, and Balvenie take turns knocking the enemies into the pit.

After the battle, the party choose to search the camp's headquarters. They find an encrypted scroll signed in blood with the seal of the Black Claw Mages. Rolen also discovered a map with the remains of a wax seal covering the foot of a mountain range. Made recognized the mountains depicted on the map and estimated they would be a two week journey to the north west.

The Falconiers chose to lead the captives to safety before setting their sights on the mountains. As a final act of defiance, they let Balvenie burn the camp down.