Episode 1

Prove Your Might, Earn Your Honor

Episode Recap

For many generations the Fanjakana Empire, ruled by the Pholant family, served as just and noble keepers of Saikinosy. The peace of the region ebbed and flowed through time, but the Fanjakana Empire remained steadfast, enduring the struggles and celebrating the bounty that could be found from the land and waters. The empire endured through The Sundering of the Dwarves and the dark nights of the Contagion from Einsiedeln, providing peace and hope to it’s loyal subjects.

In recent years the Fanjakana Empire had come to face its greatest threat. It wasn’t the result of arcane meddling, disease, or famine, but instead it was the result of the lust of power and riches of one of her own sons. The Mandrata Cartel rose to power out of the seedy streets of Turbury and rose to power and prominence by dealing in the sell of magical artifacts, armor, and weapons. Arcane items had become rare since The Sundering of the Dwarves and the Mandrata exploited this by stealing and selling these items on black markets within Saikinosy and abroad.

The Mandrata were now lead by Wilhem ‘Long-Stride’ Walker, a charismatic but aging leader. In his youth he nearly lost control of the Mandrata after a concerted effort by the Fanjakana empire to eliminate the Mandrata. As a response, Wilhelm appointed a violent and brutal solider named Ruby Reid as the leader of the newly formed militant wing of Mandrata, named Tahotra. Through Ruby’s leadership, the Tahotra ravaged the countryside of Saikinosy in a rampage of kidnappings, murder, and arson.

The two great enemies, the Fanjakana controlling the majority of Saikinosy, and the Mandrata, with strongholds in the northeastern shore, had settled into a war of attrition, which only fueled the rage of Ruby. Calling on Fanjakana sons and daughters, the Fanjakana guard grew in size. Many of the brightest were called to serve as silver knights. In response to the growing strength of the Fanjakana, the Tahotra increased their boldness in raids and attacks of the citizens of Saikinosy.

Emperor Pholant and his closest advisors believed that, while the strength of their army was enough to prevent the Mandrata from gaining control over all of Saikinosy, the only way to truly put a stop to the Mandrata was to deploy small groups of highly skilled adventurers within a secret order on strategic missions to weaken the cartel. This group was to be called the Falconiers, named after a band of adventurers in the old tavern songs of bards. They devised a challenge that could be used to identify worthy candidates for the order and invitations to compete were sent across Saikinosy.

Many adventurers resolved to compete and attempted the individual challenges. Of those that were successful in the individual challenge, five diverse adventurers were grouped together for the final contest at Casaccia Keep: Balvenie an elf-cleric of Auril, Mamul Truespeaker Lakumigo, a goliath barbarian from the northern hills, Rade Capek, the roaming druid, Vigo the Butch, a drunkard drum corps deserter, and Jiántòu, a changling rogue with deadly accuracy.

The last test would put the group into battle with Knlispch, the self-proclaimed lizard king and source of many attacks on the villages of Saikinosy. After an exhaustive battle, the group was able to slay the beast and earned their victory in the contest. Still exhausted from the battle, a regent of the emperor approached the group and presented them their award.

The regent then extended the invitation to join the secret order of the Falconiers. Appealing on behalf of the emperor himself, the regent instructed all those willing to serve as Falconiers that they were being called to accompany a caravan scheduled to leave for Chepstow in the morning. They were instructed to present themselves to the Fanjakana commander to receive their orders. Those that accepted were provided a golden badge with the Falconier’s insignia and provided lodging for the evening, while the rest took their earnings and left.

Episode Stats

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