Episode 1

The Escape

Episode Recap

The death of Rolen and Jiantou. Alistair’s fight with the ancient green dragon. The gulo worshiping the resurrected Rolen. The tunnel. The endless tunnels. The Underdark. The cave-in. The darkness.

Sorrow woke to find himself manacled, stripped of his belongings, and thrust into a Drow prison. Vigo was nowhere to be found and the absence of his father’s sword and amulet of Helm was crushing. As he looked around the room he recognized several of the faces, though they seemed to be familiar from dreams. The reality was that Sorrow had been found unconscious by a Drow patrol following a cave-in in one of the countless tunnels within the Underdark. He’d drifted in and out of consciousness for three days, believing his fellow prisoners were present only in his dreams.

On the third day the grogginess of the blows he took in the cave-in disappeared and he became aware of his present circumstances. Among him were prisoners from all races, many he’d never seen before. A proud elf was meditating in one corner, several creatures of the Underdark were ignoring the races from the surface world. A stoic human stood near a genasi with fire-red hair. Silent as a stone statue a dwarf sat in the middle of the room with his eyes closed.

A commotion was heard from the hall outside the large holding cell and the insults from a foul sounding figure echoed in the vast cavern. A large quaggoth came into view and thrust two gulo and another Drow into the cell. The motions of the Drow guard and quaggoth were executed with a precision that showed they were very familiar of how to force their prisoners into the cell. As the commotion died down, Sorrow recognized that the Drow was Rolen, whom he’d believed was still on the surface world.

As Sorrow and Rolen began to share what they knew of their situation another familiar voice cut through. Kaitlyn Crookbrow stepped forward, telling the two Falconiers that following their departure from Cloudmouth she set off on her own adventures, which lead to her capture by the Drow slavers. Hearing civilized discussion, Thronduin the elf introduced himself and joined in the conversation which quickly turn to discussions of escape.

As this conversation was taking place the other prisoners were beginning to take notice. Mallor, the genasi approached as did Al’Zane, the dwarf, and Argan the human. It seemed that they were eager to get involved in any potential breakout attempts. They were all eager to lend whatever small trinkets they’ve discovered in their work details. As the planning continued, it was clear that several of the prisoners were uncomfortable with doing anything hasty.

The sounds of a heavy door disrupt the conversation followed by the loud jeers of a Drow guard. Two figures, Jorlan and Shoor, were seen walking across a rope bridge toward the holding cell. The Drow in front, Jorlan was carrying a steaming pot while Shoor hurled insults at him and called to the prisoners to come get their breakfast. Most of the prisoners immediately reached for their wooden bowls, lead by the manacled Orc. The orc slid his bowl through a small slot at the bottom of the door and eagerly received his thin mushroom broth. Following the orc, Rolen encouraged one of the gulo to see how far it can provoke the guards.

As the gulo was waiting for its scoop of soup, it reached through and tried to claw Jorlen. As it did so, the second Drow pulled a wand from his belt and pointed it towards the gulo while commanding it to step back. Seeing his opportunity, Al’Zane, the dwarf burst forward, grabbing the wand and engaging in a struggle to gain control. While the guards were distracted, Argan used a gem that Mallor had found and bashed open the lock on the door. In the back of the cell, Sorrow attempted to shatter what he believed to be the source of the anti-magic field that prevented them from using their spells and abilities.

The noise of the struggle between the dwarf and the Drow guard reached the guard house and Ilvara, the commander of the Drow camp, emerged. She called forward more guards and quaggoths to suppress the uprising. With the lock shattered, Al’Zane forced open the door and pummeled the Drow guards while evading the oncoming attack of the reinforcements. He was able to work himself through the crowd of quaggoth and Drow and reached Ilvara on the rope bridge. Seeing his opportunity, he grabbed hold of the silver key that was hanging from her belt and threw her off the bridge. The stunned guards and quaggoth withdrew to regroup as the rest of the prisoners emerged from the cell, taking Jorlan hostage and forcing him to lead them to their weapons.

Jorlan took the escaped prisoners to the guard house where they discovered all of their items in addition to stores of other equipment. Sorrow was dismayed when he could not find his father’s sword. Jorlan informed the group that items that appeared magical were stored in a lock cabinet. The key that Al’Zane ripped from Ilvara matched the lock and the group was able to retrieve their magical components and Sorrow found his sword. He had not known it had magical properties and Thronduin, after a few minutes studying it, believed he might be able to help Sorrow identify the true nature of the sword.

Once the group had donned their armor and secured their gear, they turned there attention to how they might escape. Jorlan offered little assistance and each of the prisoners from the Underdark provided their own suggestions. After a hasty conversation it was decided the group would press onwards toward Sloobludop and the Darklake which they are beginning to believe would lead them to the surface world. As they settled on their decision their attention turned towards the silence outside of the guard house and the dangers that awaited them as they attempt to leave the Drow camp.