Kruhl Al'Zane Stoneborn

Dwarf - Monk
Played by Darryl Jones

Back Story

Born into a small clan of stone workers within the exiled dwarven nation, Kruhl Al'Zane Stoneborn followed in the footsteps of his father, carving stone artifacts. Al'Zane's small clan was too small and too distant from the hidden dwarven capitol to properly defend themselves, so they sought other ways to defend themselves. Over hundreds of years and many generation, they worked to develop the monkish tradition of the Way of the Four Elements. They cultivated discipline, martial arts, self defense, and a magic that allowed them to commune with the four natural elements.

As the threat escalated, Al'Zane volunteered to join their monastery and study the Way of the Four Elements, destined to one day defend his town, clan, and more importantly, hard working dwarves like his Father.

Fast forward a few years, Al'Zane and his brothers come home to find it under siege. They do their best to defend it, but it's too late. Their home's defenses are broken. In a fit of rage Al'Zane attacks who he can, overwhelmed and outnumbered. Fighting to exhaustion, lashing out wildly and in a last ditch effort he uses Fangs of the Fire Snake. He cuts down enemy after enemy, with no regard for his surroundings. Soon everything around him is on fire. The fire spread and was quickly out of control. When his rage subsided enough to understand what he'd done, he ran, realizing he'd just done as much, or more damage to his home than his enemies had. He abandoned his home to the fire and his enemies for a life of solitude, where he could seek a path of peace.

He spent many years in solitude and eventually returned home to ask for forgiveness and found everyone was gone. Almost nothing was left of his people, their art, heritage, artifacts. It was all gone. This just reinforced his guilt.

He must restore glory to his people. This is the only way he can earn forgiveness for what he'd done. His people's greatest legacy lies in The Ruins of Tendrombohitra. These door between the worlds, were once the proud center of the old Dwarven Magic. He believes he must find the Ruins of Tendrombohitra. It is only in this quest will he attain true peace.


Hill Dwarf Monk of the Way of the Four Elements.

  • Strength 14 +2
  • Dexterity 18 +4
  • Constitution 17 +3
  • Intelligence 12 +1
  • Wisdom 18 +4
  • Charisma 12 +1
  • Passive
+4 Proficiency Bonus

Saving Throws

  • ° +2 Strength
  • +8 Dexterity
  • ° +3 Constitution
  • ° +1 Intelligence
  • +8 Wisdom
  • ° +1 Charisma


  • +8 Acrobatics
  • ° +4 Animal Handling
  • ° +1 Arcana
  • ° +2 Athletics
  • ° +1 Deception
  • +5 History
  • +8 Insight
  • +5 Intimidiation
  • +5 Investigation
  • ° +4 Medicine
  • ° +1 Nature
  • ° +4 Perception
  • ° +1 Performance
  • ° +1 Persuasion
  • ° +1 Religion
  • ° +4 Sleight of Hand
  • ° +4 Stealth
  • ° +4 Survival
18 AC
+4 Initiative
40 Speed
63 Current Hit Points
90 Max HP
9d8 Hit Dice
0 Death Saves

MedalsView All

  • Inspiring
  • Underdark Journeyman
    Underdark Journeyman
  • Bone Breaker
    Bone Breaker
  • 7th Level
    7th Level
  • Jail Breaker
    Jail Breaker
  • Nearly Got Everyone Killed
    Nearly Got Everyone Killed
  • You are a Falconier
    You are a Falconier

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