Changling - Rogue/Warlock
Played by Jay Gunn

March 11 2016

On the receiving end of a gulo bite and spear

The Making of a Gulo Legend

Back Story

For over a year, Jiàntóu has been infiltrating Mandrata with a single purpose: Revenge.

He can barely remember the time before his world ended, the day the Tohotra killed his father. Jiàntóu grew up the spoiled son of a wealthy shipping magnate. What he didn’t know was that his father also smuggled for the upstart (?) cartel. By the time he wanted out, Mandrata’s grasp had grown too strong.

The cartel sabotaged the family yacht and shipwrecked Jiàntóu and his dying father on a small island.

For five years, Jiàntóu remained on the island, training under an old Tiefling named Jamparing. Jamparing is also the only creature alive who had seen Jiàntóu’s true form.


Jiàntóu’s chaotic definition of justice had been twisted to mean “Vengeance at any cost.” Whoever fights with his is his ally and whoever opposes him must pay.
As a changeling, it was easy to infiltrate Mandrata with the identity of one of the men he killed. He has been under cover for so long that even he is forgetting what his true nature is. His singular focus makes Jiàntóu difficult to work with. Jiàntóu has one goal. Find and kill the person responsible for his father’s death.

  • Strength 8 -1
  • Dexterity 19 +4
  • Constitution 13 +1
  • Intelligence 12 +1
  • Wisdom 8 -1
  • Charisma 16 +3
  • Passive
- Inspiration
+3 Proficiency Bonus

Saving Throws

  • ° -1 Strength
  • +7 Dexterity
  • ° +1 Constitution
  • +4 Intelligence
  • ° -1 Wisdom
  • ° +3 Charisma


  • ° +4 Acrobatics
  • ° -1 Animal Handling
  • ° +1 Arcana
  • ° -1 Athletics
  • ° +3 Deception
  • ° +1 History
  • ° -1 Insight
  • ° +3 Intimidiation
  • ° +1 Investigation
  • ° -1 Medicine
  • ° +1 Nature
  • ° -1 Perception
  • ° +3 Performance
  • ° +3 Persuasion
  • ° +1 Religion
  • ° +4 Sleight of Hand
  • ° +4 Stealth
  • ° -1 Survival
14 AC
+9 Initiative
20 Speed
0 Current Hit Points
0 Max HP
5d8 / 1d8 Hit Dice
0 Death Saves

MedalsView All

  • Fallen Hero
    Fallen Hero
  • Friendly Fire
    Friendly Fire
  • 6th Level
    6th Level
  • Diplomatically Negotiated on Behalf of the Empire
    Diplomatically Negotiated on Behalf of the Empire
  • 5th Level
    5th Level
  • 4th Level
    4th Level
  • 3rd Level
    3rd Level
  • Participated in a Prison Break
    Participated in a Prison Break
  • 2nd Level
    2nd Level
  • You are a Falconier
    You are a Falconier
  • Completed the Prequel
    Completed the Prequel

Other Stats View All

  • Enemies Slain


level Spell Name School Range
Cantrip Minor Illusion Illusion 30 feet

Duration 1 minute

Components S, M (a bit of fleece)

You create a sound or an image of an object within range that lasts for the duration. The illusion also ends if you dismiss it as an action or cast this spell again.

If you create a sound, its volume can range from a whisper to a scream. It can be your voice, someone else’s voice, a lion’s roar, a beating of drums, or any other sound you choose. The sound continues unabated throughout the duration, or you can make discrete sounds at different times before the spell ends.

If you create an image of an object—such as a chair, muddy footprints, or a small chest—it must be no larger than a 5-foot cube. The image can’t create sound, light, smell, or any other sensory effect. Physical interaction with the image reveals it to be an illusion, because things can pass through it.

If a creature uses its action to examine the sound or image, the creature can determine that it is an illusion with a successful Intelligence (Investigation) check against your spell save DC. If a creature discerns the illusion for what it is, the illusion becomes faint to the creature.

Cantrip Poison Spray Conjuration 10 feet

Duration Instantaneous

Components V, S

You extend your hand toward a creature you can see within range and project a puff of noxious gas from your palm. The creature must succeed on a Constitution saving throw or take 1d12 poison damage.

This spell's damage increases by 1d12 when you reach 5th level (2d12), 11th level (3d12), and 17th level (4d12).

1 Dissonant Whispers Enchantment 60 feet

Duration Instantaneous

Components V

You whisper a discordant melody that only one creature of your choice within range can hear, wracking it with terrible pain. The target must make a Wisdom saving throw. On a failed save, it takes 3d6 psychic damage and must immediately use its reaction, if available, to move as far as its speed allows away from you. The creature doesn't move into obviously dangerous ground, such as a fire or a pit. On a successful save, the target takes half as much damage and doesn't have to move away. A deafened creature automatically succeeds on the save.

1 Hex Enchantment 90 feet

Duration Concentration, up to 1 hour

Components V, S, M (the petrified eye of a newt)

You place a curse on a creature that you can see within range. Until the spell ends, you deal an extra 1d6 necrotic damage to the target whenever you hit it with an attack. Also choose one ability when you cast the spell. The target has disadvantage on ability checks made with the chosen ability.

If the target drops to 0 hit points before this spell ends, you can use a bonus action on a subsequent turn of yours to curse a new creature.

A *[remove curse](../remove-curse/)* cast on the target ends this spell early.